Colour Schemes You Shouldn’t Be Scared Of

On the blog this week we thought we’d create some mood boards for some of the less used colour schemes that people seem to shy away from. These colours look fantastic together, but are often avoided because they can look horrible if styled badly. With the right styling help, variety in base colours and the right coordinating colours, these schemes can make unforgettable wedding photos!

Red and Green

With this colour scheme it’s important to choose bright whites and peaches and accent with gold to make sure your wedding doesn’t become too dark! A deep or bright red works perfectly with a bright light green to create a rustic wintery look. Red and Green

Purple and Black

This colour scheme can seem scary or uninviting on paper, but in reality it looks amazing! Paired with light greens, whites, and a dash of pink and gold, this colour scheme is both romantic and a little bit whimsical.Purple and Black

Pink and Brown

This colour scheme is so soft and inviting it’s hard to see why it’s not used more often! Light pinks and rich natural browns, paired with whites and a touch of gold create a gorgeous country wedding vibe. Pink and brown

Blue and Orange

As complimentary colours, it’s strange that blue and orange are avoided. With a variety of peach, bright and tangerine oranges paired with deep navy and electric blues, this style offers an almost art-deco feel. Without the contrasting whites and smooth golds this style can look a bit uncoordinated, but with the right styling help, it can look fantastic! Blue and Orange

There you go! We hope we’ve inspired you! Let us know by commenting below, and don’t forget to tag us in your wedding photos @wendymakinbridal !

Words: Samara Flynn

Collages: Samara Flynn

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Bridesmaid gift inspo!

This week on the blog we thought we’d put our heads together and come up with some great ideas to create the ultimate bridesmaids box! As our bridesmaids are often the ones who traipse around after us telling us we look beautiful and helping us decide all the important wedding decisions, its nice to let them know how much they mean to us. Box

  1. Jewelry is a popular gift for bridesmaids as it can be worn for the ceremony and kept forever to remind your bridesmaids of your special day.  These earrings are gorgeous and are just sparkly enough to be both formal and casual!
  2.  After party shoes are a great idea, especially if you want your bridesmaids to wear heels throughout the day! These fluffy slippers are a cute novelty, but you could also go with some sweet flats to match the bridesmaids gowns, or even some simple sandals.
  3. Spa pack! Everyone loves a good pamper pack, and etsy is full of cute little spa packs that are pre-wrapped, natural and Australian made.
  4. And lastly the bouquet. Some people might not think of the bouquet as a gift, but taking the bouquet home and putting it in a vase is a lovely reminder for the next few days of the fun that was had at your wedding.

Images: Earrings: Xennox Diamonds; Slippers: Peter Alexander; Spa Pack: NurOrganics; Floral: &


We hope you’ve been inspired! Let us know! Comment below or tag us on Instagram in your Wendy Makin bridal gown.


Words: Samara Flynn

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Three styling ideas that will save you money!

Winter orange

When planning your wedding, it can be easy to go overboard with one aspect or another and end up blowing your budget. So this week on the blog we thought we’d share some styling tips on how to save money for your big day!

  1. Re-use! There are so many items at your wedding ceremony that you can re-use at the reception! Don’t bother planning two different decor themes, just stick to the one and re-use as much as you can. It’s easy to transport your flowers from one venue to another, and you can always use your bouquet as the bridal party’s table decorations. If you have an arch or backdrop, re-use it as a backdrop for your bridal table, or as a photo booth prop.
  1. If it’s not in season, forget it! Your flowers will be so much cheaper and prettier if you choose the varieties that are in season. This goes for food too. You might really want that amazing cherry cake, but if it’s winter, you’re going to pay for it!
  1. If you don’t need it, loose it! There are a lot of unnecessary props at a wedding that, while fun, are not essential. For example, if you’re entire ceremony has to be set up from scratch, you don’t really need a chair for everyone. As long as you have enough chairs for those who have to sit down, the rest of your guests will be happy enough that they get to share this day with you. Confetti is another item, although fun to throw, is not a necessity. It is just as heart-warming to have all your friends and family applauding your celebration as you leave the ceremony.

What did you think? We hope you’ve been inspired! Let us know by commenting below or tag us in your wedding photos @wendymakinbridal.

Image sources: church:, flowers:, shoes: Kate Spade

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Four reasons why opting for bridal separates can be a total asset!

  1. The ability to change outfits!

Separates are so versatile you can pair them with anything! By buying separates you have the opportunity to have both a romantic look to walk down the isle, and a sexy reception outfit! For the classic bride, there is always the option to change from the full or long skirt from the ceremony into a shorter party skirt for the after event. Or, for the more daring, you have the option to change into some sexy white trousers for the reception!


( left, Samara top and Lilah skirt right)

2. You can always wear it again!

If you’re choosing separates that aren’t too wild, then you can always re-wear them! And if they are a bit too much for everyday wear, then you can always keep them for a nice event, or maybe even wear one, or both, on your first year anniversary!


( left, and Stefani top and Valerie skirt right)

3. They make a great versatile heirloom.

If you’re one of those daughters who’d wished their mother’s wedding gown was still around (or not so puffy!), then separates might be a better option to keep for your own children. They can be paired with whatever the fashion might be, or made into a new dress!


(The Lulu top and Lulu skirt left, left)

4. Easier to go to the bathroom.

And finally, with the ability to fully take off your skirt to go to the bathroom, who wouldn’t opt for separates! They can be hung up behind the door so nothing will have to touch the floor, and no one will have to awkwardly hold your skirt while you go!


( left, Misty bodice and Misty skirt right)

Let us know what you think! Tag us in your awesome Wendy Makin re-styles @wendymakin, or comment below!

Words: Samara Flynn

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Getting close and personal with Wendy Makin’s latest collection!

This week on the blog we thought we’d showcase the gorgeous laces used to make Wendy Makin’s latest designs. From beads, to delicate floral designs, to bold feature laces, this collection has all the laces you’d ever ask for!

The Alice lace: while supporting a small delicate flower design, this lace is actually quite tough. Its texture allows it to smooth the body nicely creating a streamlined fit.


The carol cape: this embroidered tulle cape is covered in both pearl beads and crystals, and has a metallic thread running through it. This said, it is not overstated. The soft colours give it a vintage style look, and the classic embroidery make it the perfect addition to the plain Carolyn gown.  CAROL CAPE_Named

The Geneva lace: now this lace is a show stopper. Covered with thousands of beads, this lace creates a slimming effect, while catching the light from every angle. This lace ensures you’ll be the star of the show. GENEVA_Priced

The Majelle lace: this unique lace is scattered with sequin embellished floral designs that shimmer in the light. The light weight construction of the fabric makes this design easy to wear, making it a good choice for a spring or summer wedding. MAJELLE_BACK_Named

The Melita lace: if you’re looking for a sparkly wedding gown, this is the lace for you! This lace is entirely covered in sequins, as well as a gorgeous floral design, which gives the dress a nice mix of modern and classic styling. MELITA_SIDE_Named

The Misty lace: this lace is certainly a feature lace. As the lace is quite thick, it creates a lovely bodice material that is very firm and supportive. MISTY_Named

So there you go! We hope you’ve loved meeting our laces and we hope you’ve been inspired! Remember, if you like the lace but not the style, give our lovely consultants a call and we can see what we can do for you!

Words: Samara Flynn

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Want something a little bit different on your wedding day? Let us customise something for you!

Here at Wendy Makin we are a little bit unique. On top of having a huge selection of Australian made gowns ready for you to order, we also offer you the ability to make a custom gown! As our designer and seamstresses all operate together under one little roof, we have the expertise to make something truly original for your special day! We work from the fabrics and patterns we have, to make something perfect just for you! From swapping a lace, to changing a neckline, or even melding two dresses together, there’s so much you can do. So today on the blog we thought we’d share with you some of the awesome changes our brides have made!

Angela with a detachable box pleat. This creation, based off the Angela dress, extended the skirt at the back and incorporated a detachable box pleat, which gave the skirt volume and width. The skirt would then be removed for a more sleek look for the reception. 13523865_10210029165990442_783199372_o


The original Angela gown



Ellie 2.0 midi with a detachable skirt. This design, based of the Ellie 2.0 gown, featured a entirely detachable silk skirt, with an Ellie style mid length gown underneath. It was also customised to have shoulder straps and a key hole back. Again, the bride could detach the skirt after the ceremony so she could boogie down late into the night! 13555499_10210029166910465_1099418883_o

Ellie 2.0 Back

The original Ellie 2.0 dress

Ellie 2.0


Britt and Esther combination. This design was created using the lace of Esther and the satin of Britt, but featured a V-neck, and a smaller train (as on Britt). Changes to the neckline like this can be easily done and are very popular. So remember, if you like the dress but not the neckline, don’t forget to ask if it can be altered! 13556009_10210029166630458_1281683466_o Britt Back Esther BackEsther

Kate and jacket. This customisation was simply the addition of an off the shoulder jacket made of lace (with a lace scollop hem) to complement the Kate gown. This addition is especially popular in winter, or to just add something a little extra for the reception. 13575545_10210029165630433_1697023534_o


The original Kate gown



So there you have it! We hope you’ve been inspired! If you’re looking for something a little bit different, come see us! We’d love to make something special just for you.

To make an appointment call the Wendy Makin team on (07)3823 0100. Or if you don’t live in Brisbane, check out or stockist list here.

Words by: Samara Flynn

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Drew and Nicole’s Wedding

Photos by: Figtree Wedding Photography

13442711_1135182806503573_9120580539971670497_o 13432182_1135182756503578_1986130761487072750_n 13422320_1135182959836891_4616843932333193884_o 13433120_1135182926503561_4651844992431750124_o 13442485_1135182789836908_278187219931336896_o 13434698_1135182803170240_1889967891716338178_n 13413104_1135182769836910_3086743183824739690_n 13413641_1135182853170235_1820263328528225850_n 12871477_1135182836503570_7463487034168691946_n 13422259_1135182893170231_32591209915480367_o (1) 13412155_1135183073170213_9081932282521320468_o 13411983_1135182923170228_6685700865172867932_o 13412148_1135182876503566_4669615774241375151_o13413102_1135182989836888_5184714919002222338_n13433084_1135183089836878_9093939975270692926_o13319790_1135183049836882_1625142084589953469_n13432445_1135183119836875_2632522446581163488_n13416818_1135183206503533_6825714340106073330_o13413606_1135183143170206_5061750180847562395_n13412867_1135183499836837_7634229439502478064_n13392229_1135183289836858_2152246503369569957_o13403807_1135183269836860_5748120119352876309_o13433297_1135183176503536_8322041336435443861_o13434841_1135183249836862_1938893096928745577_n13416827_1135184093170111_684101563489766005_o13394038_1135183279836859_5922496766980531959_n13339612_1135183353170185_3079845381912936683_n13435302_1135183439836843_7678175071143366461_n13412172_1135183449836842_2755510947105159067_o13443064_1135183453170175_456998969083511736_o13423916_1135183383170182_9013281475889988466_n (1)13403907_1135183423170178_7950074967546199856_o13433159_1135183583170162_1017974125822673506_o13442292_1135183666503487_2066757190518728595_n13450055_1135183526503501_6186529783088471390_n13445492_1135183556503498_2062058782573260367_n13442254_1135183673170153_2476282899934496319_n13458580_1135183573170163_3455934673304092677_o13422447_1135183603170160_730980577325831276_o13412117_1135183749836812_8646875409254581070_o13403760_1135183713170149_1786612496812190413_o13403837_1135184083170112_2345745164678197335_o13391597_1135183979836789_2477084061156212684_o13393911_1135184059836781_5342026753789298573_n13407270_1135184239836763_5964513577586229015_n13419154_1135184243170096_2503637460118723576_n13450324_1135183929836794_3541290637872235264_n13434756_1135183959836791_4266827791369141797_n13432298_1135183886503465_3065528383352460137_n13415539_1135183866503467_202157041163546762_o13392296_1135183799836807_376479083737277791_o13269291_1135184143170106_6070103298644966406_n13404019_1135184279836759_6228280589457207781_o13434958_1135184219836765_8571475005128972586_n13417463_1135184306503423_4527551024892156332_n (1)13412196_1135184333170087_5033463507480467145_o13443033_1135184326503421_607105032590539248_o

Makeup Khesanh The Beauty Case
Wedding dress Wendy Makin Bridal Designs
Wedding shoes Christian Louboutin
Bridemaids Dresses Amsale Bridesmaids Adriana papell Pia Gladys Perey Fan Page and Monique Lhuillier
Groom and Groomsmen M.J. Bale
Robes Homebodii
Flowers Elyssium Blooms
Lighting Elyssium Lighting
Styling and Coordination The Events Lounge {Event Management}
Celebrant Modern Love Ceremonies
Furniture Hampton Event Hire
Wedding Cake Tome – Coffee Shop
LOVE letters Event Letters
Videography ROOST Film Co.

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Five things you may not have thought of when choosing your wedding cake.

1: The Cake Climate

Now this may seem pedantic, but one of the major things you have to consider when choosing your cake is whether or not it is going to suit the season. Each style of cake has its optimal storage temperature and environment, which keeps it fresh, moist and delicious!

If you’re planning on choosing a layer cake covered in fondant, your filling must be able to be kept out of the fridge as the fondant cannot be refrigerated.

If you’re opting for a naked cake, make sure you talk to your cake designer and ensure it is made fresh so it doesn’t dry out in the fridge. If you’re worried, perhaps opt for only a partially naked cake, so that most of the cake is covered and saved from drying out.

If your wedding is in summer, make sure there is a suitable place large enough and at the right temperature to store the cake, preferably until it is ready to be seen. For example, if you’re having a marquee reception, make sure the cake is the last thing to go out, and cut soon after.

PrintCakes by Julie Whitehead

2: Cake impact

If you’re choosing to have a huge show stopping wedding cake, you’ll probably want it to be positioned so everyone can see it ( and congratulate you on your amazing cake deciding skills). Make sure you scope out the venue before hand and make it clear to the staff the size and importance of the cake. If you are opting for a shiny glazed cake, it might be good to check whether the lighting is right to show it off, or of you’re having a white cake, make sure it doesn’t blend into the background!

011e204c02307f0b044a89490e116d3eCakes by The Good Cookies (photo from

3: Who’s going to eat it and when?

I remember when I was seven, I was a guest at my aunts wedding where she served a huge, dreamy, white iced and, what I thought was chocolate, wedding cake. But when I bit into its dense goodness I recoiled in horror, fruit! What kind of sick maniac puts fruit in their wedding cake! In retrospect, I’m sure it was a delicious cake. If you’re having a lot of kids present at your wedding, it might be a better idea to opt for a chocolate or vanilla cake, just to be safe!

If you’re choosing to serve your cake around desert time, it might be a good idea to offer a dessert wine to match the cake you are serving. Nothing is worse than a dry white wine and chocolate cake! You can pair dark chocolate with a cabernet sauvignon, or with a dessert wine such as Muscat or Madeira.

81f7a92494a45af901dfbf028c673c27Photo from Deer Pearl Flowers

4: How much like a cake do you want your cake?

There are so many wedding cake options out there nowadays; your cake doesn’t even need to resemble a cake. Or if it does, it would be foolish to expect there to always be an actual cake inside it! Cake decorating is all about who can make the best cake, with the most surprises. If you love brownies, why not ice a huge stack of brownies, or if you have a soft spot for doughnuts but still want a big cake, why not make a cake shaped like a giant doughnut?! Or if you don’t want a sickly sweet looking cake, you can even make something that doesn’t even resemble a cake!


5: Sorry, I can’t eat that. Is there something else?

Dietary considerations are unavoidable, and even though you might be gluten intolerant, others might be gluten intolerant intolerant. In this case, it might be best to check for intolerances on your invites before you order your cake. You might find that a majority of your guests are intolerant to the same thing, therefore it might make more sense to order the whole cake intolerance friendly. Alternatively, you might simply order a smaller cake of your choice and provide other desserts to choose from for the various intolerances. For example, you might have a small glutinous cake, with platters of GF doughnuts, Vegan brownies, and dairy free sorbet cups. If you’re trying to be super inclusive, you could even make separated tiers of the cake to suit certain dietary concerns.

So there you go! We hope we’ve helped. Let us know by commenting below, and don’t forget to tag us in your Wendy Makin gown photos @wendymakinbridal.

Words: Samara Flynn

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Thinking of Eloping? Maybe Check this First!

If you’re considering getting married overseas, it’s important that you check whether or not you can legally get married, and if so, that you know all the right procedures to go about it! To save you some of the hard work, we’ve made a list of some of the most popular places to get married, and whether or not you can legally tie the knot.


Bali – Yes, “you can legally be married in Bali, but you must register as one of the five religions recognised by Indonesia (Buddhism, Catholicism, Hinduism, Islam, and Protestantism)”. If you don’t affiliate yourself with any of these, unfortunately you cannot legally get hitched, but you can still have an awesome mock ceremony!

Spain – Yes, thank goodness! Tapas and churros for everyone! “You must contact the Spanish Civil Registry where you intend to marry and confirm the documents required by the Registry authorities”.

Italy – Si Signore!  “Two main documents are required for Australian citizens to marry in Italy. These are the Atto Notorio and the Nulla Osta”.

Vegas – Yeh baby! Costume wedding in Vegas here we come! “Marriages by non-citizens are legally binding unions”. In Vegas you are also required to submit a marriage license pre-application.

Hawaii – Yes, you can get Mauied in Hawaii! “Marriages by non-citizens are legally binding unions”. “To be legal, marriage must be performed by a Hawaii licensed officiant. Application to marry must be filed with a marriage license agent in the state. Both parties to the marriage must appear personally before the marriage license agent. There are no residence or citizenship requirements”.

Thailand – Yes, “a marriage in Thailand must be registered with Thai authorities to be a valid marriage under Thai law”.

France – No, unfortunately you cannot tie the knot legally in the city of love unless you or your partner are a citizen, ironic non? “To be legally recognised, a marriage in France must take place at a Town Hall (Mairie). The Town Hall must be either the Town Hall where one of the applicants was born, or the Town Hall of the district where one of the applicants is currently registered as a resident”. You can, however, sign a PACT agreement “that formally recognises both opposite sex and same sex common law relationships”.

Croatia – Yes, grab your sunnies and hoist the sail! “An Australian citizen who wishes to marry in Croatia may need to submit to the local Registrar’s Office a Certificate of No Impediment issued by the Embassy in Zagreb and/or a Single Status Certificate issued by a Registrar Office in Australia”.

Sri Lanka – Yes, “you are required to produce the required documents to the Divisional/District Registrar of the area where your marriage would take place”.

Iceland – Yes, rug up it’s going to get icy! “Before civil marriage can take place, the partners must submit documentation to verify that there are no impediments to the marriage. All documents must be received 2 weeks before the planned wedding date”.

So there you have it! You can legally be married in most countries, but it does require a bit of organizing. To avoid all the annoying paper work, many couples simply opt to get legally married in Australia at a small ceremony with a celebrant or at the court house, and then have a mock wedding overseas! A good excuse for two dresses! You can find most information on getting married abroad through the Australian Government’s foreign embassy web pages.



Words: Samara Flynn

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DIY Home Spa

This week on the blog we thought we’d treat ourselves to a bit of a pamper pack. In the lead up to the wedding, we know brides want to look and feel amazing, but sometimes it can be stressful thinking about shelling out more money so close to the wedding. Because of this, we thought we’d throw together a little pack of DIY pamper alternatives that will have you feeling a hundred dollars, while only spending a few! Not only are these products cheap to buy, they are also natural so you’ll have peace of mind knowing exactly what you’re putting on your skin.

Warning: please test these products on a small bit of skin before you use them in case of reaction.

Face: The best and most relaxing thing to do for your face is, of course, a facial. Now this is something you’ll want to do a week and a half or more before the wedding in case of breakouts. By all means use a pre-made face mask for your facial, but we’ve also gathered some recipes that can be made with ingredients from your fridge, how handy is that! In this step, we encourage our brideys to indulge themselves! Go the full yard. Light a candle, do a face steam, give yourself a face massage and lay down in a calm place and just relax! The more like a real spa your environment is, the better.

*Note: when watching the clip for the face massage (and other clips below) it might be more relaxing to mute the sound and play some gentle music instead.

At home facial click here.

Face mask recipes click here.

Face massage click here.


Hands & Feet: Manicures and pedicures are always lovely, but the bright lights and harsh smells of the nail salon can be a bit off putting. So doing a manicure and pedicure yourself can often be more relaxing than having one done for you. During this step, we recommend giving yourself a hand and foot massage as well. As our hands and feet work the hardest during the day, they’re the things that need the most TLC (and your feet will definitely get a workout if you’re wearing high heels on your wedding day).

Home manicure click here.

Hand massage click here.

Foot massage click here.


Hair: Sometimes the hair can be forgotten about when it comes to pampering yourself, but it can be the thing that needs care the most. All you need to do is wet your hair and massage into your hair and scalp either a pre-made hair mask, or a homemade natural mask. Lots of recipes ask for egg whites, which are quite effective at mending your hair, but if you’re not so keen on those, we’ve included a mask that’s egg free.

Hair mask click here.

Scalp massage click here.


Body & mind: this step is all about the body as a whole. Start by relaxing in a warm fragrant bath. We’ve found some DIY herbal bath remedies for relaxation, but oils and bath salts can also be bought at your local health or beauty store. The bath is the perfect place to apply the hair mask if you wish, or to just sit back and enjoy the aromas. If you’re using bath salts, these can be used to exfoliate the skin which gets rid of dirt and toxins and makes your skin super smooth. Playing ambient or soft music while you’re in the bath can also add to the relaxing atmosphere while eliminating bad thoughts and feelings. Before or after your bath, you can also practice some relaxation yoga, which works to calm the mind and stimulate the body.

Yoga for deep relaxation click here.

Lavender-chamomile bath soak click here.

Herbal bath teas click here.

Oatmeal and lavender bath soak click here.

We hope we’ve inspired you to give yourself a little pamper! If you wish to have a pamper day closer than one and a half weeks before the wedding, simply eliminate the facial (but you can still do the face massage), and make sure you check you won’t react to any of the products! Let us know what you think by commenting below. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram in your Wendy Makin wedding dress at : @wendymakinbridal.


Words by: Samara Flynn

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