Taking Care of your Skin for your Wedding

Weddings can be pretty stressful times, and for some of us, stress means spots! While sometimes this can be unavoidable, we’ve put together a list of things you can do to help your skin stay clear on your special day.solene-3

  1. Keep it simple! Don’t change routines unless a specialist ensures you it’s not going to cause a break out. If moisturizing is in your routine, make sure you keep it up to date.
  2. Stay hydrated! Water helps to flush everything out of your system and helps your skin look young and invigorated. Experts suggest at least 2 liters a day.
  3. Get pampered! It’s a good idea to get a facial at least a week before the wedding to get all the impurities out of your skin. Any less than a week and your skin won’t have enough time to recover if you do have a break out.
  4. Look after yourself. If you wear makeup to work or during the day, make sure you clean it off well before bed to give your skin time to recover and get back in balance. If you do have a couple of spots, be gentle. Use a tissue over your nails to avoid those painful nail marks.
  5. Watch out for stress or work habits such as leaning your chin or forehead on your palms, or touching your face. If you’re touching your face, make sure your hands are clean!
  6. Eat a healthy and balanced diet so you get all those good vitamins and proteins to help your skin heal and look fantastic!

So there you go! We wish you luck on your big day and don’t forget to tag us in your awesome wedding photos!

Words: Samara Flynn

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Five Nifty Ways to Save on Waste at Your Wedding

If you’re a bit of an eco warrior, or you just hate the idea of throwing stuff away, have a read of these nifty ideas to save waste (and a bit of money!).

  1. If you’re a bit of a green thumb, try growing your own flowers! By growing flowers such as petunias, pansies, marigolds or even lavender in small tins or pots, you have a cheap and gorgeous array of colour for down the aisle or at the table. The flowers don’t need to be picked and you don’t even need to hire vases!


2. Try organising things to have multiple purposes. For example, seating name cards can double up as drink coasters, or even as wishing well cards, and wedding signs can be reversed to act as seating plans or menus.


  1. Let the location do the talking. If your ceremony has a bangin view, don’t worry about trying to add decorations! Even if it doesn’t, choose a location that needs the least amount of work. Simple is stylish.


  1. Try to avoid packaging, and buy Australian made. The less distance your gown or supplies have to travel, the greener the footprint, and the less packaging.


  1. Don’t over do it. This applies to all aspect of the wedding including the dress styling, the food, the florals, the decoration and even the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Talking to your vendors will help you figure out what’s too much and what’s not enough, but as a rule of thumb, ask yourself these questions: do I need it, will it make the day better, is it worth spending the money on it, is anyone going to notice?


So if you’re conscious about your wedding being too wasteful, there are always ways to make it much more green! Grow your own, buy in season, buy Australian made or grown and think less is more. But the main thing to remember is to relax, it’s your day, so do whatever makes you happy!





Emma Hampton Photography


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The True Wendy Makin Experience

Often here at Wendy Makin our brides ask whether our gowns really are made in Australia, and the answer is yes! They are designed here by the talented Wendy Makin herself, and then produced in our work room in East Brisbane. To prove that we’re not pulling your leg, we thought we’d show you the production your dress will go through from measurements to your big day!

Step 1: The measurements! As all our couture gowns from our Wendy Makin studio and Bride’s on Collin’s store are made to measure, the first thing we need to do is take your measurements so the pattern is cut to your individual body shape.

Step 2: Your measurements are then sent downstairs, where your dress will be measured and cut out by the lovely Carmen and Carol.

IMGP6511 IMGP6512

Step 3: Your beautiful dress will then be sewn together by our amazing machinists, Heather, Coral, Sharon and Sarah!

IMGP6504 IMGP6507 IMGP6508 IMGP6509 IMGP6513

Step 4: Once the main elements of your gown have been sewn together, it is then passed on to our presser and hand finishers who sew the buttons on and make sure your gown looks perfect for your first fitting!

IMGP6516 IMGP6518

Step 5: We then ask you to come in for a first fitting, where we make sure all our measurements are correct and your dress accentuates all the right things.

Step 6: Your dress is then sent to Del for final touch ups for your final fitting.

IMGP6521 IMGP6524

Step 7: If you’re happy and we’re happy, then your dress is ready to take home!


* While all our couture gowns are made in Australia, only the Wendy Makin Bridal Studio in Brisbane, and Brides on Collins in Melbourne make to measure*.


Don’t forget to tag us in your amazing Wendy Makin wedding photos! @wendymakinbridal

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Our Picks for your Spring Wedding Stationary!

For all those brides out there dying for a stationary splurge (we know we are!) here’s our picks of the coolest wedding stationary ideas for spring!

1. This beautiful letter insert from Smitten on Paper


2. This simple but suave set from Stitch Press


3. This adorable wedding invite from Paperless Post

4. We love this mandala vibe from The Little Paper Press

9872205. This amazing Aussie illustration by Paper Lust


6. This super cute name card idea from Paper and Lace


7. Thank you Honest Paper Shop!


8. This glorious vineyard collection by Dream Day Invitations


9. This floral RSVP card. I accept! From The Print Fairy wedding_invitation_botanical_ink_rsvp

10. This lilac goodness from Fox and Fallow


We hope you’ve enjoyed all the stationary goodness! We know we enjoyed finding them! Don’t forget to tag us in your awesome wedding photos @wendymakinbridal.

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Our Top 10 Cakes for Spring!

It’s a cake kind of Friday! So we thought we’d list our top favorite cakes from around Australia.

  1. This drippy amazingness from Rebellyous Cake Co. *drool*


2. This lavender inspired creation by Bake you Smile.


3. This jazzed up Spring version of Chester Street Bakery‘s Twix cake!


4. This geometric piece of art by Don’t Tell Charles.donttellcharles

5. This super cute masterpiece by Faye Cahill.


6. This interpretative painting on a cake by Marguerite Cakes.



7. This Modern tropical twist by Hansel and Gretel Cakes.


8. This awesome multicoloured creation by Sprinkle Me Bakery.


9. This simple beauty by Sugar Bee Cakes.


10. This gorgeous colour bomb by Whipped Cake Co.



So there you go! We hope you’re not drooling too much after that. Let us know what you think by commenting below, and don’t forget to tag us in your awesome wedding photos @wendymakinbridal.

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Spring Wedding Inspo!

Here at Wendy Makin we LOVE Spring weddings! So we thought we’d put together some Spring wedding inspo for all our brideys.

The Daphne wedding: no other dress could dictate the theme of a wedding like our gorgeous floral Daphne gown. Perfect for a Spring wedding this cute off the shoulder gown is best styled with lots of happy colours!


The orange wedding: Styled with our stunning Stefani halter and Valerie skirt, this orange theme is a fresh and bright way to welcome in the new season. befunky-collage-2

The blush wedding: Styled with our french collection Solange gown, the blush wedding is a soft boho or garden wedding look for a relaxed Spring feel. befunky-collage-2

So there you go. We hope you’ve been inspired! Let us know by commenting below, and don’t forget to tag us in your amazing Spring weddings at @wendymakinbridal.


Photos: rosalindmillercakes.com; pshopsweetlulu.com; pinterest.com; womensfashionesia.com; stylemepretty.com; confettidaydreams.com; pinterest.com; our Daphne gown.

deerpearlflowers.com; pinterest.com; ruffledblog.com; our Stefani bodice and Valerie skirt; modwedding.com; weddingomania.com; stylemepretty.com; weddingchicks.com; stylemepretty.com.

100layercake.com; weddingchicks.com; modwedding.com; our Solange gown from the french collection; backyardgardening.org; whowhatwear.com; theoverwhelmedbride.com; stylemepretty.com; zazzle.com.

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Designer days, what are they?


If you’ve ever noticed an ad on our facebook or instagram for a designer day or trunk show and thought, what the heck is that?, then this blog is for you!

Wendy loves to visit her stockists when she releases a new collection, and when she does, we call this a designer day. If you book in for a consultation on a designer day, you’ll be able to meet Wendy Makin and try on her latest collection, whether it be her Couture collection, her french collection or her Ready to Wear collection! Designer days are a lot of fun, and well worth the wait. (sometimes there’s even champagne!)

Our trunk shows on the other hand are simply a viewing of Wendy’s collections. Wendy does not accompany her collections on these occasions, but don’t let that put you off! They’re still a load of fun!

So why would you visit a designer day or trunk show at all? Well, apart for being able to meet Wendy at her designer days, and grabbing a sneaky discount if you order on the day, it is your chance to view a larger variety of dresses than you might be able to otherwise! While our stockists can request dresses especially for you to try on, this is the one time most of the collection is in the one place!

So if you’re dying to see a particular collection but it’s not in store at one of our stockists near you, keep an eye out on our Wendy Makin, BellaDonna and Watters facebook pages and instagram for a designer day or trunk show near you!

Instagram: @wendymakinbridal and @french_bywendymakin

Facebook: BellaDonna Bridal, Wendy Makin Bridal Designs, and Watters Australia.

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Ring Fingers of the World

Yolande3 small

Here at Wendy Makin we design gowns for girls all over the world, and we wondered why not all our bride-to-be’s wore their rings on their left ring finger. After a little research, we found out there are heaps of reasons why a bride might choose another finger or another hand, so we thought we’d share!

The major reason that brides choose to wear their ring on the ring finger on their left hand dates back centuries, and centers on the once believed tale that there was a major vein that lead from the left ring finger to the heart. This symbolized that their heart was taken. However, The London reader wrote on May 1st 1870 that those who disliked this reasoning would perhaps rather the idea that the ring finger is the most protected as it cannot be moved easily without its fellow fingers. The New York Times also wrote in 1894 that during the exchange of rings in a Middle Ages ceremony, a prayer would be read and the ring placed on each finger at the name of each person of the holey trinity (the father, the son, and the holey spirit) and placed on the fourth finger with the word Amen, signifying a religious promise.

Many cultures wear their wedding ring on their right ring finger instead of their left, including Colombia, Greece, Norway, Russia and North Germany. There was scandal in 1934 when the Archimandrite of the Greek church removed the wedding ring of the Duchess of Kent from her left hand and placed it on her right hand during her wedding ceremony, as per tradition.

In Chile or Brazil, the engagement ring is placed on the right hand and then moved to the left hand during the wedding ceremony. And in Norway and Greece, the opposite occurs.

In a Jewish or Eastern Orthodox wedding ceremony, the ring is placed on the index finger on the right hand! And during a Hindu betrothal ceremony, the bride-to-be wears her ring on her left hand and the groom-to-be wears his ring on his right hand.

There are many other reasons for wearing a wedding or engagement ring on an alternate finger, including sexual orientation. Some same sex couples choose to wear their rings on their right ring finger to signify multiple things, including the unequal treatment of same sex couples and their right to marry.

There are surely many more reasons people choose to wear their rings on an alternate finger, but overall it is purely a personal choice. Some couples even choose not to wear them!

We hope you enjoyed our article! If so, comment below, and don’t forget to tag us on your special day @wendymakinbridal.

Words: Samara Flynn

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Colour Schemes You Shouldn’t Be Scared Of

On the blog this week we thought we’d create some mood boards for some of the less used colour schemes that people seem to shy away from. These colours look fantastic together, but are often avoided because they can look horrible if styled badly. With the right styling help, variety in base colours and the right coordinating colours, these schemes can make unforgettable wedding photos!

Red and Green

With this colour scheme it’s important to choose bright whites and peaches and accent with gold to make sure your wedding doesn’t become too dark! A deep or bright red works perfectly with a bright light green to create a rustic wintery look. Red and Green

Purple and Black

This colour scheme can seem scary or uninviting on paper, but in reality it looks amazing! Paired with light greens, whites, and a dash of pink and gold, this colour scheme is both romantic and a little bit whimsical.Purple and Black

Pink and Brown

This colour scheme is so soft and inviting it’s hard to see why it’s not used more often! Light pinks and rich natural browns, paired with whites and a touch of gold create a gorgeous country wedding vibe. Pink and brown

Blue and Orange

As complimentary colours, it’s strange that blue and orange are avoided. With a variety of peach, bright and tangerine oranges paired with deep navy and electric blues, this style offers an almost art-deco feel. Without the contrasting whites and smooth golds this style can look a bit uncoordinated, but with the right styling help, it can look fantastic! Blue and Orange

There you go! We hope we’ve inspired you! Let us know by commenting below, and don’t forget to tag us in your wedding photos @wendymakinbridal !

Words: Samara Flynn

Collages: Samara Flynn

Images: 1: Meg Jewellery; floristilene.co.nz; Wedding Chicks; Ruffled Blog; Vanessa gown by Wendy Makin Couture; Style Me Pretty; Inspired By This; Junebug Weddings; Style Me Pretty.

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Bridesmaid gift inspo!

This week on the blog we thought we’d put our heads together and come up with some great ideas to create the ultimate bridesmaids box! As our bridesmaids are often the ones who traipse around after us telling us we look beautiful and helping us decide all the important wedding decisions, its nice to let them know how much they mean to us. Box

  1. Jewelry is a popular gift for bridesmaids as it can be worn for the ceremony and kept forever to remind your bridesmaids of your special day.  These earrings are gorgeous and are just sparkly enough to be both formal and casual!
  2.  After party shoes are a great idea, especially if you want your bridesmaids to wear heels throughout the day! These fluffy slippers are a cute novelty, but you could also go with some sweet flats to match the bridesmaids gowns, or even some simple sandals.
  3. Spa pack! Everyone loves a good pamper pack, and etsy is full of cute little spa packs that are pre-wrapped, natural and Australian made.
  4. And lastly the bouquet. Some people might not think of the bouquet as a gift, but taking the bouquet home and putting it in a vase is a lovely reminder for the next few days of the fun that was had at your wedding.

Images: Earrings: Xennox Diamonds; Slippers: Peter Alexander; Spa Pack: NurOrganics; Floral: http://shopruche.tumblr.com/ &  http://velvetandtwine.com/.


We hope you’ve been inspired! Let us know! Comment below or tag us on Instagram in your Wendy Makin bridal gown.


Words: Samara Flynn

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