Ultimate Princess Wedding

If you love shiny things then this blog is for you! We’ve matched our super cute sparkly wedding gown Milita with a pink, gold and green palette to create this awesome princess wedding! The key to designing your own princess inspired wedding is remembering that too much is always better than not enough! Focus on […]

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The Ultimate Jacaranda Wedding

If you’re lucky enough to live in an area full of jacarandas, you’ll know how gorgeous they look at this time of year! So, inspired by all the blooming purple goodness, we thought we’d put together some Jacaranda tree wedding styling inspo! To create a glorious jacaranda inspired wedding, the key is variety. Don’t just stick […]

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Taking Care of your Skin for your Wedding

Weddings can be pretty stressful times, and for some of us, stress means spots! While sometimes this can be unavoidable, we’ve put together a list of things you can do to help your skin stay clear on your special day. Keep it simple! Don’t change routines unless a specialist ensures you it’s not going to […]

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The True Wendy Makin Experience

Often here at Wendy Makin our brides ask whether our gowns really are made in Australia, and the answer is yes! They are designed here by the talented Wendy Makin herself, and then produced in our work room in East Brisbane. To prove that we’re not pulling your leg, we thought we’d show you the production […]

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Our Picks for your Spring Wedding Stationary!

For all those brides out there dying for a stationary splurge (we know we are!) here’s our picks of the coolest wedding stationary ideas for spring! 1. This beautiful letter insert from Smitten on Paper 2. This simple but suave set from Stitch Press 3. This adorable wedding invite from Paperless Post 4. We love this […]

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Our Top 10 Cakes for Spring!

It’s a cake kind of Friday! So we thought we’d list our top favorite cakes from around Australia. This drippy amazingness from Rebellyous Cake Co. *drool* 2. This lavender inspired creation by Bake you Smile. 3. This jazzed up Spring version of Chester Street Bakery‘s Twix cake! 4. This geometric piece of art by Don’t Tell […]

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Spring Wedding Inspo!

Here at Wendy Makin we LOVE Spring weddings! So we thought we’d put together some Spring wedding inspo for all our brideys. The Daphne wedding: no other dress could dictate the theme of a wedding like our gorgeous floral Daphne gown. Perfect for a Spring wedding this cute off the shoulder gown is best styled with […]

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Designer days, what are they?

If you’ve ever noticed an ad on our facebook or instagram for a designer day or trunk show and thought, what the heck is that?, then this blog is for you! Wendy loves to visit her stockists when she releases a new collection, and when she does, we call this a designer day. If you book in for a […]

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Ring Fingers of the World

Here at Wendy Makin we design gowns for girls all over the world, and we wondered why not all our bride-to-be’s wore their rings on their left ring finger. After a little research, we found out there are heaps of reasons why a bride might choose another finger or another hand, so we thought we’d […]

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