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10 of Our Favourite Wedding Trends for 2019

  As the haze of another the Christmas/New Years break lifts, it dawns on most 2019 brides the reality of getting married this year! Thus ensuing a mad frenzy of wedding planning! Whilst there is always trends that come and go, we’ve rounded up our personal fave top 10 trends for 2019 brides! From venues, […]

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Wedding Styling // Decoding Themes

It’s often something thrown around when planning a wedding – whats your style/theme? So many things come from a theme – venues, florals, decor and of course – the dress! In an age where styles can be convoluted and mashed together and words bandied around, we break down the traits of 6 different wedding styles […]

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The Ultimate Jacaranda Wedding

If you’re lucky enough to live in an area full of jacarandas, you’ll know how gorgeous they look at this time of year! So, inspired by all the blooming purple goodness, we thought we’d put together some Jacaranda tree wedding styling inspo! To create a glorious jacaranda inspired wedding, the key is variety. Don’t just stick […]

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Ring Fingers of the World

Here at Wendy Makin we design gowns for girls all over the world, and we wondered why not all our bride-to-be’s wore their rings on their left ring finger. After a little research, we found out there are heaps of reasons why a bride might choose another finger or another hand, so we thought we’d […]

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One Dress Three Ways – Destination Wedding

As Winter bears down on us, we tend to let our imagination wonder off to places where it’s warm and sunny, and exotic! This week on the blog we’ve decided to get jet setting and style our gorgeous Tiffany gown for three different destination weddings. Tiffany (like many of our couture, RTW and french collection […]

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Why Australian natives should be your go-to flower for a Winter wedding.

Although we have been lead to believe that Winter is the barren season when it comes to flowers, this is completely untrue! There are heaps of varieties to choose from in the Winter months (from late Autumn to early Spring), including stacks of Australian natives. Australia is abundant with so many varieties ranging from Banksias, to Grevillias, to Paper Daisies, […]

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Food ideas for a show stopping bridal shower!

Here at Wendy Makin we love a good party. We love flowers, we love fashion and we love food!! As no great party was ever had without great food, we’ve scoured the internet for the best bridal shower food ideas just for our brideys. Idea number 1: Flowers! Flowers have been popular in food decorating […]

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