Qunci Villa’s Lombok

My husband, Geoff, and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary on April 2nd. With the Easter holidays being at the end of March we added an extra couple of days and went here, the Qunci Villa’s on the island of Lombok….and it was fantastic. I honestly could not think of a more relaxing place to have a honeymoon then here.

I would not have discovered this most beautiful place had a relative of mine not taken a position with a travel company on Lombok. She is from The Netherlands and we haven’t had to opportunity to catch up a lot and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to take some time off, celebrate our anniversary and catch up with her. Great decision! Qunci Villa’s is about an hour and a half from Lombok airport but the resort are more than happy to come and pick you up. Virgin fly’s into Denpassar from all capital cities on a regular basis then you catch a domestic flight to Lombok from their. Virgin is the only airline at the moment flying direct to Denpassar from Australia and I really recommend you take a Garuda flight to Lombok. There is talk of direct flights into Lombok from Australia but no time frame has been given for this yet.

The resort itself is just beautiful. The room we had was a  Partial Ocean View room which was spacious, airy and very comfortable. We had a balcony off the room which was large and very comfortably furnished and an open air shower…completely private and very liberating!! The pool area is very relaxing and the team are very attentive.

image_00013 image_00008
image_00001 Outdoor Shower

There’s a selection of restaurants at the resort and all are quite good. Breakfast is the hightlight and an ocean front view with it is the perfect start to the day. NooQ Bar is the perfect way to end the day with a cocktail and tapas. There are some very good restaurants close by as well with Square being a highlight. Try the Begibung Menu which is traditional Lombok cuisine and translate’s as “eating together”. http://squarelombok.com

On the other end of the scale, either side of the resort are small local restaurants or Warang’s. Here the food is simple and basic, Cheap and fresh and very good. For $15 you’ll get plenty of food for 2 and a couple of ice cold beers as well.

Nasi Goreng Breakfast Square Restaurant

Somehing that’s very cool that the resort does and would be the highlight of any honeymoon is they set up private dining area’s just for the 2 of you. We didn’t get the opportunity to do this but we did see them setting up and it looks fantastic.

image_00010 image_00011

As well as a resort, Qunci operates a very beautiful and relaxing Spa. As with everything else here, the team is incredibly attentive and the facilitires are first class. Both Geoff and I indulged in a 2 hour treatment which finished with a magnificent herbal bath in a very funky bath carved from a local volcanic rock.

Qunci Spa Spice Bath


There is so much more to this trip then this like trips to the local Islands or Gillies for snorkelling but we have to leave you some things to discover yourself. For more details on this idyllic resort here’s their website  http://www.quncivillas.com. We will definately be going  back!!