High Church in Brisbane

We recently did a photo shoot for our new Wendy Makin Ready to Wear collection here at High Church in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley. The location is easy to find and the venue is just perfect for an intimate wedding either sit down or cocktail.

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Built in 1876 the building operated as a Methodist church until the amalgamation of the Methodist and Presbyterian in 1977 to form the Uniting Church. It continued to operate as a church until 1982 when it was no longer required and was bought by the Queensland Potters Association. It underwent a major refurbishment in 2005 with an Art Gallery on street level and the Church building had a sandstone terrace added.

Now privately owned the church is state heritage listed and many of the additions removed including the mezzanine floor and stained glass side windows which were replaced with the original sand blasted glass, in keeping with the sparsity of the primitive methodist religion. Paint has been removed to reveal a twin set of hand cut sandstone steps and the decorative timberwork to the eaves and bargeboards preserved.

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For our photo shoot we used the church as the backdrop and photographer Jess Jackson http://www.jessjackson.com.au made the most of the surroundings to capture some beautiful, ethereal images in keeping with the design ethos behind the collection. Hair and make up was from Lucie at Bella Brides http://www.bellabrides.com.au .

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We loved this venue and the team there are very professional and knowledgable. For more information and contact details go to their website http://highchurch.com.au.