Why Australian natives should be your go-to flower for a Winter wedding.

Although we have been lead to believe that Winter is the barren season when it comes to flowers, this is completely untrue! There are heaps of varieties to choose from in the Winter months (from late Autumn to early Spring), including stacks of Australian natives. Australia is abundant with so many varieties ranging from Banksias, to Grevillias, to Paper Daisies, to Wax Flowers, and so many more. We are lucky to have such a range of colours, sizes, and textures it’s hard to decide on just one! Below we have compiled a list of natives that flower in Winter, but like any flower, the availability of natives strongly depends on location, so we advice that you chat to your local florist to find the freshest natives near you.

Focal Flowers:

  1. Proteas (come in a variety of different colours and shapes.
  2. Callistemon (more commonly known as bottle brush, also comes in red and white).
  3. Banksia Serrata
  4. Grevillia Ember Glow (can also look a more red colour).
  5. Banksia Spinulosa

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Secondary Flowers:

  1. Pimelea (from WA, comes in a variety of colours).
  2. Kunzea Pulchella
  3. Hakea (comes in a variety of colours).
  4. Australian Native Hibiscus (also comes in purple).
  5. Xerochrysum Bracteatum (commonly known as paper daisies. Come in a variety of colours. Yellow is the most common).
  6. Grevillia Fanfair

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Filler Flowers:

  1. Boronia (comes in a variety of colours).
  2. Kunzea Ericoides
  3. Hardenbergia (great as a trailing flower).
  4. Chamelaucium Uncinatum (Commonly known as the wax flower, comes in a variety of colours).
  5. Leptosperum Cardwell
  6. Wattle

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Bouquet Ideas:

Australian native bouquets are so unique it’s hard to go past them. Even a bouquet full of the smaller filler flowers such as Wattle or Wax Flowers looks amazing. They also look great paired with non-natives, and bunches of greenery.

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