One Dress Three Ways – Destination Wedding

As Winter bears down on us, we tend to let our imagination wonder off to places where it’s warm and sunny, and exotic! This week on the blog we’ve decided to get jet setting and style our gorgeous Tiffany gown for three different destination weddings. Tiffany (like many of our couture, RTW and french collection gowns) is perfect to travel with because it won’t crease! Many of our gowns are also made of light weight fabric so they can be safely stowed away in your luggage, and not cost you extra in baggage. Se here we go! One dress, three gorgeous destinations!

Parisian Bride: The Parisian bride is all about simplicity. She is chic, classic, simple, elegant and minimalistic. We have chosen pastel and light colours with a pop of pink to mimic the Parisian streetscape and to emphasise the classic white bride.

BeFunky Collage

Mexican Bride: The Mexican bride is all about colour! We love the idea of using flowers for unusual head pieces or bright exotic bouquets. This style has been inspired by the colours of the traditional Mexican costume, as well as their beautiful entrance displays. While this style is very colourful and eye-popping, it can also be quite modest in dress and headdress choice.

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Balinese Bride: The Balinese bride is all about nature. As Bali has so many beautiful natural features, it would hard to not include them into your special day.  The focus here is on floral features, and natural elements like silver. As Bali is abundant in both beautiful rain forests and beaches, the colour focus is on green and aqua, with pops of natural pinks, oranges, and purples.

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So there you go! Three destinations, one dress. We hope you liked it! Let us know by commenting below, or tag us on Instagram at your awesome destination wedding! @wendymakin

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Words by Samara Flynn