Your Wedding Planning Timeline

This week on the blog we’re talking organisation! But don’t fret; we’ve got it all sorted for you. Here at Wendy Makin we get a lot of questions from our brides asking when to start looking for their dress, when to book the photographer, when to book the celebrant etc. So, we thought we’d put together a little timeline of how we’d plan a wedding.

Your Wedding Planning Timeline!

  • The party: first of all, the engagement party! Everyone loves a good get together, and this is definitely the time to celebrate, and not to start wedding organisation; you’ve got plenty of time for that. Sit back, relax, and take a drink, because the next few months are going to wiz past!
  • The venue: the first, and most important booking is the venue. This overrides everything. Don’t even think about looking for your dress until you have a venue because the style of the venue, as well as the date available, will dictate the style of dress. So once the venue is established, you’ll have the date, the time of day, the style, everything! You’re good to go.
  • The celebrant: this is the second most important booking because, like the venue, the celebrants book out fast. If the celebrant is unavailable you may have to change the date of the wedding and perhaps the venue, and consequently even the style. So, if you can, still hold off on buying the dress.
  • The dress: yes! It is finally time to look for the dress. Now that you know the date of the wedding and the style of the venue, it is the perfect time to go dress shopping. This should be at least six months before the wedding, preferably 8-10. Shopping for the dress more than a year in advance is risky as styles might change, or you might just change your mind.
  • Save the date: save the date cards should be sent out around six months before the wedding. If you’re having an overseas wedding, this is when you should be sending your real invitations so your guests have time to book their flights and accommodation.
  • All your other vendors: with this section the key is to prioritize. If you have a particular florist or photographer you want, book them first, and rank the rest of your vendors in order of significance, and book them accordingly. If you’re not sure, the best way to do this is to think about how important each element will be to the success of your day. If you wouldn’t dream of having a wedding without having an Elvis impersonator, then you better make sure you can hire the best Elvis impersonator you can! And if flowers are flowers and you’ll be happy with anything, book those last.
  • Invitations: these are generally sent 3 months before the wedding, to give the guests time to respond, but not too long that they forget the date. Invitations aren’t really a big deal (unless you’re making them yourself). They are quick to produce and are relatively cheap. So don’t stress about them.
  • Relax: Once everything is booked, take a deep breath. It’s all done! If you’re DIYing, this is the time to start doing those fiddly little things like name cards, which don’t require too much effort, but take a long time. Don’t forget to take some down time, and get enough sleep!
  • Register: The last little thing you need to do before your wedding day is to register your marriage. This has to be done one month and one day before the wedding, so it’s best to get this done at least 2 months in advance so you don’t forget. This can be a pretty exciting step so make sure you have a bottle of bubbly to crack open, this thing’s getting legal!
  • Pamper yourself: now that all the tasks are done, treat yourself! You deserve it. Have your hair done, go to a spar, take your girls out for tea or read that book you’ve been too busy to read. This step is all about looking and feeling great for your special day.
  • The alter: the only thing left is to say, “I do”.


Organising a wedding can be daunting, but it can also be lots of fun! The main thing is to not stress. No matter what happens, your wedding day will be special so just go with the flow.

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Words by Samara Flynn