A Wendy Makin Retrospective – 1993 – 2002

This week for the blog we dove into the Wendy Makin archives and pulled out some gold to share with you all! Hidden in the back of the bustling Brisbane Wendy Makin workshop are rows of gorgeous vintage Wendy Makin gowns. Heading down there Monday afternoon I was overwhelmed with choice. Sequins, tulles, sparkles and stunning fabrics were bursting from the racks. Unfortunately we couldn’t photograph them all, so in addition to the gowns, we’ve also included some amazing shots from the beginning of Wendy Makin Designs in 1993, as well as some classic magazine covers and photo shoots. Enjoy!

In the Beginning, 1993IMGP6436 IMGP6437 IMGP6438 IMGP6435

The origin of the famous Wendy Makin floral gown

1995IMGP64052001IMGP6400 IMGP6428

Some other classics

1995IMGP6402 2001IMGP6401 IMGP6407 IMGP6427 1996IMGP6421 IMGP6419 IMGP6409

From the Archive

Style 1909, designed 1996IMGP6382 IMGP6380 IMGP6377 IMGP6376

Laura in lemon, from the Wendy Makin Platinum Collection, 1999IMGP6368IMGP6372IMGP6363

Pia from the Wendy Makin Dorothy Louise collection, 2000IMGP6359IMGP6354IMGP6351IMGP6353

Beaded lemon gown from the Wendy Makin Dorothy Louise collection, 2000IMGP6345IMGP6348IMGP6349

Spiral gown from the Wendy Makin couture collection, 2002IMGP6391IMGP6396IMGP6395

We hope you’ve enjoyed it! Let us know by commenting below. If you were married in a Wendy Makin gown from 1993-2005 we’d love to see it! Tag us on Facebook @Wendy Makin Bridal or Instagram @wendymakinbridal !

Words and photographs by Samara Flynn