DIY Home Spa

This week on the blog we thought we’d treat ourselves to a bit of a pamper pack. In the lead up to the wedding, we know brides want to look and feel amazing, but sometimes it can be stressful thinking about shelling out more money so close to the wedding. Because of this, we thought we’d throw together a little pack of DIY pamper alternatives that will have you feeling a hundred dollars, while only spending a few! Not only are these products cheap to buy, they are also natural so you’ll have peace of mind knowing exactly what you’re putting on your skin.

Warning: please test these products on a small bit of skin before you use them in case of reaction.

Face: The best and most relaxing thing to do for your face is, of course, a facial. Now this is something you’ll want to do a week and a half or more before the wedding in case of breakouts. By all means use a pre-made face mask for your facial, but we’ve also gathered some recipes that can be made with ingredients from your fridge, how handy is that! In this step, we encourage our brideys to indulge themselves! Go the full yard. Light a candle, do a face steam, give yourself a face massage and lay down in a calm place and just relax! The more like a real spa your environment is, the better.

*Note: when watching the clip for the face massage (and other clips below) it might be more relaxing to mute the sound and play some gentle music instead.

At home facial click here.

Face mask recipes click here.

Face massage click here.


Hands & Feet: Manicures and pedicures are always lovely, but the bright lights and harsh smells of the nail salon can be a bit off putting. So doing a manicure and pedicure yourself can often be more relaxing than having one done for you. During this step, we recommend giving yourself a hand and foot massage as well. As our hands and feet work the hardest during the day, they’re the things that need the most TLC (and your feet will definitely get a workout if you’re wearing high heels on your wedding day).

Home manicure click here.

Hand massage click here.

Foot massage click here.


Hair: Sometimes the hair can be forgotten about when it comes to pampering yourself, but it can be the thing that needs care the most. All you need to do is wet your hair and massage into your hair and scalp either a pre-made hair mask, or a homemade natural mask. Lots of recipes ask for egg whites, which are quite effective at mending your hair, but if you’re not so keen on those, we’ve included a mask that’s egg free.

Hair mask click here.

Scalp massage click here.


Body & mind: this step is all about the body as a whole. Start by relaxing in a warm fragrant bath. We’ve found some DIY herbal bath remedies for relaxation, but oils and bath salts can also be bought at your local health or beauty store. The bath is the perfect place to apply the hair mask if you wish, or to just sit back and enjoy the aromas. If you’re using bath salts, these can be used to exfoliate the skin which gets rid of dirt and toxins and makes your skin super smooth. Playing ambient or soft music while you’re in the bath can also add to the relaxing atmosphere while eliminating bad thoughts and feelings. Before or after your bath, you can also practice some relaxation yoga, which works to calm the mind and stimulate the body.

Yoga for deep relaxation click here.

Lavender-chamomile bath soak click here.

Herbal bath teas click here.

Oatmeal and lavender bath soak click here.

We hope we’ve inspired you to give yourself a little pamper! If you wish to have a pamper day closer than one and a half weeks before the wedding, simply eliminate the facial (but you can still do the face massage), and make sure you check you won’t react to any of the products! Let us know what you think by commenting below. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram in your Wendy Makin wedding dress at : @wendymakinbridal.


Words by: Samara Flynn