Five things you may not have thought of when choosing your wedding cake.

1: The Cake Climate

Now this may seem pedantic, but one of the major things you have to consider when choosing your cake is whether or not it is going to suit the season. Each style of cake has its optimal storage temperature and environment, which keeps it fresh, moist and delicious!

If you’re planning on choosing a layer cake covered in fondant, your filling must be able to be kept out of the fridge as the fondant cannot be refrigerated.

If you’re opting for a naked cake, make sure you talk to your cake designer and ensure it is made fresh so it doesn’t dry out in the fridge. If you’re worried, perhaps opt for only a partially naked cake, so that most of the cake is covered and saved from drying out.

If your wedding is in summer, make sure there is a suitable place large enough and at the right temperature to store the cake, preferably until it is ready to be seen. For example, if you’re having a marquee reception, make sure the cake is the last thing to go out, and cut soon after.

PrintCakes by Julie Whitehead

2: Cake impact

If you’re choosing to have a huge show stopping wedding cake, you’ll probably want it to be positioned so everyone can see it ( and congratulate you on your amazing cake deciding skills). Make sure you scope out the venue before hand and make it clear to the staff the size and importance of the cake. If you are opting for a shiny glazed cake, it might be good to check whether the lighting is right to show it off, or of you’re having a white cake, make sure it doesn’t blend into the background!

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3: Who’s going to eat it and when?

I remember when I was seven, I was a guest at my aunts wedding where she served a huge, dreamy, white iced and, what I thought was chocolate, wedding cake. But when I bit into its dense goodness I recoiled in horror, fruit! What kind of sick maniac puts fruit in their wedding cake! In retrospect, I’m sure it was a delicious cake. If you’re having a lot of kids present at your wedding, it might be a better idea to opt for a chocolate or vanilla cake, just to be safe!

If you’re choosing to serve your cake around desert time, it might be a good idea to offer a dessert wine to match the cake you are serving. Nothing is worse than a dry white wine and chocolate cake! You can pair dark chocolate with a cabernet sauvignon, or with a dessert wine such as Muscat or Madeira.

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4: How much like a cake do you want your cake?

There are so many wedding cake options out there nowadays; your cake doesn’t even need to resemble a cake. Or if it does, it would be foolish to expect there to always be an actual cake inside it! Cake decorating is all about who can make the best cake, with the most surprises. If you love brownies, why not ice a huge stack of brownies, or if you have a soft spot for doughnuts but still want a big cake, why not make a cake shaped like a giant doughnut?! Or if you don’t want a sickly sweet looking cake, you can even make something that doesn’t even resemble a cake!


5: Sorry, I can’t eat that. Is there something else?

Dietary considerations are unavoidable, and even though you might be gluten intolerant, others might be gluten intolerant intolerant. In this case, it might be best to check for intolerances on your invites before you order your cake. You might find that a majority of your guests are intolerant to the same thing, therefore it might make more sense to order the whole cake intolerance friendly. Alternatively, you might simply order a smaller cake of your choice and provide other desserts to choose from for the various intolerances. For example, you might have a small glutinous cake, with platters of GF doughnuts, Vegan brownies, and dairy free sorbet cups. If you’re trying to be super inclusive, you could even make separated tiers of the cake to suit certain dietary concerns.

So there you go! We hope we’ve helped. Let us know by commenting below, and don’t forget to tag us in your Wendy Makin gown photos @wendymakinbridal.

Words: Samara Flynn