Getting close and personal with Wendy Makin’s latest collection!

This week on the blog we thought we’d showcase the gorgeous laces used to make Wendy Makin’s latest designs. From beads, to delicate floral designs, to bold feature laces, this collection has all the laces you’d ever ask for!

The Alice lace: while supporting a small delicate flower design, this lace is actually quite tough. Its texture allows it to smooth the body nicely creating a streamlined fit.


The carol cape: this embroidered tulle cape is covered in both pearl beads and crystals, and has a metallic thread running through it. This said, it is not overstated. The soft colours give it a vintage style look, and the classic embroidery make it the perfect addition to the plain Carolyn gown.  CAROL CAPE_Named

The Geneva lace: now this lace is a show stopper. Covered with thousands of beads, this lace creates a slimming effect, while catching the light from every angle. This lace ensures you’ll be the star of the show. GENEVA_Priced

The Majelle lace: this unique lace is scattered with sequin embellished floral designs that shimmer in the light. The light weight construction of the fabric makes this design easy to wear, making it a good choice for a spring or summer wedding. MAJELLE_BACK_Named

The Melita lace: if you’re looking for a sparkly wedding gown, this is the lace for you! This lace is entirely covered in sequins, as well as a gorgeous floral design, which gives the dress a nice mix of modern and classic styling. MELITA_SIDE_Named

The Misty lace: this lace is certainly a feature lace. As the lace is quite thick, it creates a lovely bodice material that is very firm and supportive. MISTY_Named

So there you go! We hope you’ve loved meeting our laces and we hope you’ve been inspired! Remember, if you like the lace but not the style, give our lovely consultants a call and we can see what we can do for you!

Words: Samara Flynn