Four reasons why opting for bridal separates can be a total asset!

  1. The ability to change outfits!

Separates are so versatile you can pair them with anything! By buying separates you have the opportunity to have both a romantic look to walk down the isle, and a sexy reception outfit! For the classic bride, there is always the option to change from the full or long skirt from the ceremony into a shorter party skirt for the after event. Or, for the more daring, you have the option to change into some sexy white trousers for the reception!


( left, Samara top and Lilah skirt right)

2. You can always wear it again!

If you’re choosing separates that aren’t too wild, then you can always re-wear them! And if they are a bit too much for everyday wear, then you can always keep them for a nice event, or maybe even wear one, or both, on your first year anniversary!


( left, and Stefani top and Valerie skirt right)

3. They make a great versatile heirloom.

If you’re one of those daughters who’d wished their mother’s wedding gown was still around (or not so puffy!), then separates might be a better option to keep for your own children. They can be paired with whatever the fashion might be, or made into a new dress!


(The Lulu top and Lulu skirt left, left)

4. Easier to go to the bathroom.

And finally, with the ability to fully take off your skirt to go to the bathroom, who wouldn’t opt for separates! They can be hung up behind the door so nothing will have to touch the floor, and no one will have to awkwardly hold your skirt while you go!


( left, Misty bodice and Misty skirt right)

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Words: Samara Flynn