Three styling ideas that will save you money!

Winter orange

When planning your wedding, it can be easy to go overboard with one aspect or another and end up blowing your budget. So this week on the blog we thought we’d share some styling tips on how to save money for your big day!

  1. Re-use! There are so many items at your wedding ceremony that you can re-use at the reception! Don’t bother planning two different decor themes, just stick to the one and re-use as much as you can. It’s easy to transport your flowers from one venue to another, and you can always use your bouquet as the bridal party’s table decorations. If you have an arch or backdrop, re-use it as a backdrop for your bridal table, or as a photo booth prop.
  1. If it’s not in season, forget it! Your flowers will be so much cheaper and prettier if you choose the varieties that are in season. This goes for food too. You might really want that amazing cherry cake, but if it’s winter, you’re going to pay for it!
  1. If you don’t need it, loose it! There are a lot of unnecessary props at a wedding that, while fun, are not essential. For example, if you’re entire ceremony has to be set up from scratch, you don’t really need a chair for everyone. As long as you have enough chairs for those who have to sit down, the rest of your guests will be happy enough that they get to share this day with you. Confetti is another item, although fun to throw, is not a necessity. It is just as heart-warming to have all your friends and family applauding your celebration as you leave the ceremony.

What did you think? We hope you’ve been inspired! Let us know by commenting below or tag us in your wedding photos @wendymakinbridal.

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