The True Wendy Makin Experience

Often here at Wendy Makin our brides ask whether our gowns really are made in Australia, and the answer is yes! They are designed here by the talented Wendy Makin herself, and then produced in our work room in East Brisbane. To prove that we’re not pulling your leg, we thought we’d show you the production your dress will go through from measurements to your big day!

Step 1: The measurements! As all our couture gowns from our Wendy Makin studio and Bride’s on Collin’s store are made to measure, the first thing we need to do is take your measurements so the pattern is cut to your individual body shape.

Step 2: Your measurements are then sent downstairs, where your dress will be measured and cut out by the lovely Carmen and Carol.

IMGP6511 IMGP6512

Step 3: Your beautiful dress will then be sewn together by our amazing machinists, Heather, Coral, Sharon and Sarah!

IMGP6504 IMGP6507 IMGP6508 IMGP6509 IMGP6513

Step 4: Once the main elements of your gown have been sewn together, it is then passed on to our presser and hand finishers who sew the buttons on and make sure your gown looks perfect for your first fitting!

IMGP6516 IMGP6518

Step 5: We then ask you to come in for a first fitting, where we make sure all our measurements are correct and your dress accentuates all the right things.

Step 6: Your dress is then sent to Del for final touch ups for your final fitting.

IMGP6521 IMGP6524

Step 7: If you’re happy and we’re happy, then your dress is ready to take home!


* While all our couture gowns are made in Australia, only the Wendy Makin Bridal Studio in Brisbane, and Brides on Collins in Melbourne make to measure*.


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