Five Nifty Ways to Save on Waste at Your Wedding

If you’re a bit of an eco warrior, or you just hate the idea of throwing stuff away, have a read of these nifty ideas to save waste (and a bit of money!).

  1. If you’re a bit of a green thumb, try growing your own flowers! By growing flowers such as petunias, pansies, marigolds or even lavender in small tins or pots, you have a cheap and gorgeous array of colour for down the aisle or at the table. The flowers don’t need to be picked and you don’t even need to hire vases!


2. Try organising things to have multiple purposes. For example, seating name cards can double up as drink coasters, or even as wishing well cards, and wedding signs can be reversed to act as seating plans or menus.


  1. Let the location do the talking. If your ceremony has a bangin view, don’t worry about trying to add decorations! Even if it doesn’t, choose a location that needs the least amount of work. Simple is stylish.


  1. Try to avoid packaging, and buy Australian made. The less distance your gown or supplies have to travel, the greener the footprint, and the less packaging.


  1. Don’t over do it. This applies to all aspect of the wedding including the dress styling, the food, the florals, the decoration and even the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Talking to your vendors will help you figure out what’s too much and what’s not enough, but as a rule of thumb, ask yourself these questions: do I need it, will it make the day better, is it worth spending the money on it, is anyone going to notice?


So if you’re conscious about your wedding being too wasteful, there are always ways to make it much more green! Grow your own, buy in season, buy Australian made or grown and think less is more. But the main thing to remember is to relax, it’s your day, so do whatever makes you happy!


Emma Hampton Photography