Our Guide to Choosing the Right Dress for your Body Shape


So you haven’t come in for a consultation yet, and you’re really unsure as to what style to look for? This post is for you! There are four main body types (with variations) that most people fall under. These are apple, pear, hourglass and rectangle. Apple bodies generally are rounded with slim legs and arms, pear bodies have slim shoulders and wide hips, hourglass bodies have a slim waist with wide shoulders and hips, and rectangle bodies are relatively straight up and down. So how do you accentuate your body type? Let us show you!

Apple: to accentuate an apple body shape, attention needs to be drawn to your slim shoulders and legs. If tea length isn’t your thing, go for A-line cuts that skim over the middle area and accentuate the bust and shoulders.

Pear: to accentuate a pear body shape, some attention should be drawn to the hips, but not too much. Styles that show off the collar bones, slim shoulders and waist are preferable, as are A-lines and strapless numbers.

Hourglass: there’s no point in having an hourglass figure if you don’t want to show off those curves! Slim, tight fitting dresses are best for hourglass shapes. These can be either A-line or paneled gowns such as Sophia below.


Rectangle: for rectangle shapes, the key is to accentuate the waist. Paneled gowns or strapless numbers are best avoided, but rather stick to gowns with a defined waist and a covered chest.

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Words: Samara Flynn

Body shape images from: http://lennietaylor.blogspot.com.au/2012/09/your-free-body-shape-clothing-guide.html