New Styling for a New Season

It’s a new season, so we thought we’d put together a few styling boards for your Autumn wedding!

For a classic Autumn look, try a colour palette filled with maroon, greens and burnt oranges. Tie this together with light pastels and deep blues for a truly luscious look. Pair this with out Majelle gown.

For a bit of a brighter change, try lighter oranges and pinks with a little bit of glitter in between! Green and apricot also look amazing with this colour board, and give it a more natural feel. Pair this with our Jasmin gown.

For a completely different feel, try this simple blue, white and green colour palette. Coordinated with last year’s amazing Dulce and Gabbana prints, there’s no way you could go wrong! Pair this with our Shani gown.


Images from Pinterest