On Board Wedding

On the cruise we did with my parents for their 50th wedding anniversary(see previous post) there were a couple who had bought 50 of their closest family and friends on the cruise with them to help them celebrate their wedding. On the Thursday morning as we disembarked in Port Vila, the bride in very traditional gown(not a Wendy Makin unfortunately hence no photos. I’m nice but not silly;-)) and her attendants came and had photos on the main staircase leading from deck 7 to 5 then disembarked to have their ceremony in Port Vila. A great time was had by all, the couple had a honeymoon before and after and the guests got to have a great time. Not for everyone, especially if you’re prone to seasickness :-(, but another example of a modern wedding. Vanuatu is a popular honeymooners destination and Iririki Island is an example. We met some people at the last Queensland Bride Expo who have a resort on Vanuatu and I’ll talk about that next blog.

Iririki Island in Port Vila Harbour is a popular destination for honeymooners.