New Bridesmaids coming in.

Have a look at a sample of the new collection of bridesmaids we have coming in from Watters in the US for the BellaDonna Bridesmaids and Formal store in Woolloongabba. They are very feminine and very much what we are being asked for. The thing we like and our wedding parties like is that these gowns don’t look like traditional bridesmaid gowns. You can wear them from the reception to the club or out to dinner or, some, even to the races. Check them out at www.belladonnabridemaids in coming weeks. These bridesmaids will also be available from stockists throughout Australia. For more details go to

Watters Style 8514 Watters style 8477 Watters style 8510 Watters Wtoo style 915 Watters Wtoo style 925 Watters Wtoo style 910